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About Us

Company Milestones

February  2000:
BSE Membership in the name of B. Lodha Securities Limited

July  2000:
NSE Membership in the name of Bhargava Lodha Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd
January  2009:
Depository Participant of NSDL

A milestone was added in the history of the company in 2008 when it became a Depository Participant of N.S.D.L..The company has always tried its level best to keep pace with the latest technological developments. All means of communications such as V-Sat, Lease-lines, ISDN, Dial-ups, Internet, Broadband , DIAS , telephones, SMS via PC's & cellular phones etc. have been constantly used by the company wherever needed so as to provide maximum services to its clients.. We have used CTCL technology to expand its network at various places.



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Company Milestones


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