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Bhargava Lodha Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd is  the member of National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) and B. Lodha Securities Limited is the member of Bombay Stock Exchange of India Ltd (BSE) . Bhargava Lodha Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd  is also the Depositary Participant (DP) of National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL)



  • BSE (Cash and Derivatives Segment)
  • NSE (Capital Markets and Futures and Options) Trading
  • Depository Services (NSDL)
  • Internet Trading

Retail Investors:

With ever-increasing individual clientele, we have equipped to offer best service at most competitive rates. Supporting for long-term wealth creation is our goal.

Click here for Client Account Opening Form for registering yourself.

The client account is opened within two working days provided all the items in checklist are complied with. You will be allotted client code, which you need to mention when you want to trade.

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Derivatives :

Trading in Future and Options contracts provide excellent opportunity for the investors wanting to take protection from market volatility and adverse price changes.
Similarly short-term traders having interests in speculation and arbitrage can take benefit through calculated risk.

Index futures are the best choices for beginners to enter the Derivative Segment where they can have facility of keeping open positions for upto 3 months.

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Internet Trading

We  provides you with Internet based trading for various segments viz. NSE CM, NSE F&O, BSE CM.

Using latest technology, We offers you impeccable service in term of timely execution of orders, payin/payout and depositary services.

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Depository Services:

  • De-materialization:
    You can convert your physical shares into electronic form by surrendering     the shares for dematerialization at the BLSBPL branch.

  • Re-materialization:
    Re-materialization enables you to convert the de-materialization shares into  physical form.

  • Transfer:
    You can transfer securities from one demat account to another.

  • Speed-e:
    If you register for Speed-e services, then transfer instructions can be placed online over the Internet to pre-notified Clearing Members Pool account. This does away with the need to submit a physical delivery instruction slip.




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